Why pre-book


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Why we suggest you pre-book

Pre-booking has a number of advantages, some for you and some for us.......

You are very welcome to turn up on the night for any gig and pay at the door to enter.

By pre-booking you help yourself and us....how? Read on.


It costs NOTHING to pre-book.
You WILL normally save money on the door prices
You WILL be guaranteed entry in the event of a sell out (provided you arrive by 9.30pm)

(All we ask is that you tell us that you have pre-booked if, subsequently, you find you will be unable to attend)


If we know roughly what numbers to expect we can adjust staffing accordingly
If we know roughly what numbers to expect we can lay seating out accordingly
If we know what numbers to expect we can advise other music fans NOT to make the trip if we know in advance a gig is sold out.

About 20 gigs a year sell out.

People who have not pre-booked then get turned away.

Please note the FIRE REGULATIONS set the room limit, not us!! 

Tropic At Ruislip

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All information offered here is done so in good faith. Tropic at Ruislip is not responsible for the accuracy of any band or the exact line up or show/set that might happen on the night. Every effort will be made to describe shows accurately but sometimes bands, or their sets, change at short notice. 

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