Waiting list bookings ONLY

Please note the following 

Reminder: You MUST be completing this form AFTER NOON and before 6 pm sharp on the day of the gig.

If you fill it in before noon on the Friday it will simply be 

rejected as it will clog up the e-mail app on my phone 

so please it must be after noon.

You will not get any confirmation of your request

UNLESS your booking is accepted

You can only pay in cash on entry.

Please note once you have paid and entered no refunds will be given under any circumstances as we do not issue tickets.

This extends to include technical failures, power cuts or members of the band (or audience/you) falling ill mid-performance etc.

If your request goes though you will see a special waiting list acknowledgement page

You must not assume you have tickets. I will e-mail you if a space becomes available 

Booking form below

Enter the name of the band you want to see
Select the number of tickets you require
All lower case and no spaces. Put this in incorrectly and you will get no confirmation!
Leave blank if none. EG We might be late, I require 15 tickets etc.