True Gold - The Spandau Ballet Experience

True Gold - a tribute to Spandau Ballet

True Gold Spandau Ballet Tribute
True Gold began life way back in 2005.

Founding member Lee James put an advert out for musicians which would eventually form into a Spandau Ballet tribute band known as Highly Strung.

The band split on 2010 only to reform after many requests to so in 2012 under the new name of True Gold "The Spandau Ballet Experience".

Over the past 4 years the band have gone onto a full time basis and are sounding and looking better than ever! Having performed in 100's of venues over the years they have courted much praise from fans and fellow artistes.

True Gold are the "official" tribute to Spandau Ballet having received praise from none other than Spandau's very own Gary Kemp, Steve Norman and Tony Hadley!

True Gold have indeed performed twice with Tony, the second time coming in 2014 when Lee & Tony sang together on BBC's The One Show.

As Gary Kemp once said after seeing footage of True Gold performing, "Double take! Is that Tony up there???"

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