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Please now book as normal - you have just deleted the Tropic' Cookie from your PC

By visiting this page you have deleted the cookie that the web site places on your computer.

You should now just book as normal, either from the reserve tickets link here or via the secret link.

If you cannot remember where the secret link is book as normal as a new customer and you will be told how to find the link and the cookie will be served again which should send you there automatically anyway. 

Bookings are acknoleged using a variety of e-mail addresses and not the e-mail address. You should look in any Junk or Spam folders for your acknowlegment.

If you saw the confirmation page I will have your booking. Unless a gig is showing as sold out and you have not made a booking (ignore the fact it ask not been acknowledged, I will have it) you should turn up as normal at around 8.30 pm.

Please let me know if you still have problems after doing this from the contact form.