Tropic at Ruislip ticketing system

Tropic at Ruislip Ticketing System

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Tropic At Ruislip offers a "trust" ticketing system to its customers.

In a nutshell we offer two prices, an "advance" price and a "walk up" price, although nobody hands over any money until they actually arrive at the door!

Doing it this way means we are not handing money over to PayPal or ticketing agencies and it means customers who, at the last minute, find they cannot attend are not disadvantaged and therefore are more likely to return.

Most of our customers are regulars, or friends of regulars, we have a 6,000 strong e-mail list and if a customer wishes to reserve a ticket their going on this list is a condition of booking. The list grows by, on average, 10 people a week.

Customers therefore fill out a form requesting to reserve tickets and we collate a list which we bring on the night of the gig, if their name is on the list they get in at the pre-book price, if they are not then they pay the walk up price. Week in and week out our walk-up is TINY, less than 2% of customers.

Equally our "fall off" from the pre-booking is also excellent, at less than 10%, sometimes as low as 5%. The biggest reason for "no-shows" is where Mr X has booked for himself and seven mates and two of them let him down. It follows that we regard larger groups as having the chance of a greater chance of "no-shows".

The fire limit for the room is 300, we will book up to around 330 and allow for a 10% fall off.

The most we have ever had in as paying customers is 311 (Feb 2014), shhh don't tell anyone we went just a tiny bit over the fire limit.....

This system has been in place now for over 700 gigs and has been seen to work very well.

Tropic At Ruislip

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All information offered here is done so in good faith. Tropic at Ruislip is not responsible for the accuracy of any band or the exact line up or show/set that might happen on the night. Every effort will be made to describe shows accurately but sometimes bands, or their sets, change at short notice. 

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