The Shufflepack

The Shufflepack

The John Verity Band

The Shufflepack are led by Storm Warning and ex Mick Ralphs Band vocalist and harp player Stuart Maxwell, and augmented by sax/flute player Tom Domagala. Every night is different, but the groove is always the same, playing blues to make you wanna jump and shout! 
Six guys who set out to play swinging R&B and shuffling blues. What you get is a taste of 1950s Chicago, which means Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Wynonie Harris, Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters and the well-known pianist Roosevelt “The Honeydripper” Sykes. Not forgetting the three Kings: Freddie, Albert and B.B.  In between, there’s a fair dose of 21st Century Chilterns, with original blues by Stuart Maxwell, and his reinterpretations of old blues classics like Evil and Shame Shame Shame. Fortunately, they still sound an awful lot like 1950s Chicago. If you like your blues cool and yet, somehow, hot, The Shufflepack are your men.

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