The Secret Link

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What is the secret link??

Technical stuff on!

The first time you book with us I need more information - your address mainly. After that I do not need it, and some other stuff, so there is a second, shorter, booking form for those that have booked before.

Now, to make that work seamlessly, even if you cannot remember how to find the secret link the first time you book the web site serves a small "Cookie" on your computer meaning that if you go to the long booking form the page looks on your PC for the cookie and automatically sends you to the shorter form if it finds it, meaning you don't even need to know how to find the secret link.

The very fact that you have looked at the page with the longer booking form on it (and then come here) means that your PC either does not have that cookie on it or the cookie has failed in some way (expired most likely).

Anyway, by vising this page you have deleted the cookie (if indeed you had it) and you should now return to the normal booking page and book as normal, and as a new customer. 

This will then re-serve the cookie on your PC (accept it should you need to) and the acknoweldgement page will tell you how to find the secret link.

So you should now book here.