The Reserve booking form for when others fail

This is the "When other forms Fail" booking form

You should book at the form here or, if you have booked before, use the "Secret Link" to make your booking (either form is OK in truth).

If you have tried the options above and they have not worked for you the form below is provided and I would ask you to let me know exactly what problem you had when trying the other forms.

Please note your acknowlegement off this form may well be delayed and it is almost impossible for me to acknowlege anything sent in here on a Friday or Saturday when I only have my phone as I am out of the office on these days, but I will still get your booking. I may well ring you on a Friday (from a witheld number) so keep your phone handy.

All sections must be competed.

All lower case and no spaces
What happened when you tried to use the other forms?