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The most recent Tropic at Ruislip Newsletter is below

Dear Live Music Fan,
Quite a lot to get through today, so pull up a chair, tea and biscuit!

This show remains SOLD OUT and a waiting list is in operation (see below for changes to the way this operates).
This show remains SOLD OUT and a waiting list is in operation (see below for changes to the way this operates).

Good news!
Those who have missed out on the two above gigs can return to us as we have plenty of spaces available and this show will almost certainly not sell out.
Please be aware this is a new Blondie tribute to us, well newish, they came once before and supported The Pistols and I felt they deserved a show all over their own! So two full sets of BLONDIE.

In the past I have matched people waiting against any cancellations where people have booked after a show has sold out. This will continue up until Noon on the day of the show.
This system falls down after Noon on the Friday of the show as that is the time I leave home to get up to London and the waiting list does not travel with me.
THE OLD SYSTEM was that people we asked to keep an eye on the web site to see if the note showing a gig as sold out changes at all and then turn up if it shows it has, where my wife at home could publish a pre-written update.
The NEW SYSTEM is that those on the waiting list will be asked to book again from a special new booking form (link to it provided to them) and if a rash of last minute cancellations come in I can let them know as their repeat booking will arrive to my phone so I will have it with me.
This also means those I am offering tickets to still want to come and I am not offering them to people who, having been advised it is full, have found something else to do.
Priority will be giving to those on the waiting list over those who “just book on the off-chance” although such bookings would still be welcome…you never know.
This is important and may get complicated!
Because most hosting accounts do not allow bulk e-mailing this letter is constructed and sent using Mailchimp with whom I have a free account (well more than one).
Mailchimp was bought recently for $12 BILLION by Intuit (who also own Quickbooks) and I think Intuit want to start getting their money back!
The free accounts have a limit of 2,000 contacts per account so I have four accounts. So actually this e-mail is constructed four times on their web site and sent, in tranches, to four different groups.
I have a horrible feeling this 2,000 limit will, very soon, be pegged back to 500 contacts per account unless I pay, and by my maths it will cost over £1,000 a year to carry on, so I will not!
To set myself up with free accounts with less than 500 people in would mean I would need around 16 different domain names which is feasible, and cheaper but constructing this e-mail four times is bad enough, constructing it 16 times would take all day and drive me stir crazy!
So, what I have done with this major problem on the horizon, is set up a page on the web site that will have the newsletter on it (which will be different from the “blog” page already on there which is a very much watered down version) and have, this week, put this newsletter on it so you can see how, going forward, you might have to read it.
You can find it at (Save the link it might come in handy!). This page is for existing customers only and not linked from anywhere on the web site.
NOW, and this is where it gets more fun. How will I let you know it has been updated. Well the truth is I might not be able to (!) but I have a cunning plan…
If you go over to you can sign up for free and it will send you an e-mail when the page has been updated! So all you do is create an account and request to track
(Please be aware you MIGHT have to manually add the .html at the end should it come up with an error code)
and trackly will send you an e-mail as soon as the page gets updated (I have joined it myself so I can see and fine tune what happens).
You can monitor up to three URL’s with a free account, so you might find it a handy tool anyway to use elsewhere. I have had an account with them for many years and no issues, you just have to log in every six months or so, but they send you an e-mail to remind you to do it.
I suggest, just in case the manure hits the wotsit, that you set up a trackly account at and follow the newsletter URL above and then you can be kept informed anyway if it all goes quiet.
Can I suggest also you make yourself aware of my account on Facebook at as I may have to resort to using that as a means of communication.
For the time being things carry on as normal but I fear “There may be trouble ahead”.

We had a decent turnout for what will almost certainly have been the final show at Tropic’ for Who’s Who and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there were many pictures taken during and at the end of the show. It was emotional. That was their 20th visit.
From Facebook by Derek who runs the shows:

T’was a fab night last night and thanks to everyone who came along. We haven't had Blues At The Tropic so full for a long time and great feedback for our new LONG ROAD HOME band - Rock Solid Blues!

Really appreciate everyone who turned up and most of you reserved tickets in advance and got a free new blues / rock CD - hope you are enjoying it!

Hope to see you all again on Sunday 5th March for Brave Rival and Robin Bibi Band on Sunday 16th April. Both gigs confirmed.
I think that is all, and believe me it is enough.
See you soon
A kid was playing up in Specsavers. Manager came over and said "You need supervision" He said "I know, that's why I'm here"
I'm getting sick and tired of people in my house walking all over my hat collection. It's about time I made a stand.
Is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, or is it one of Granny's myths?
I was explaining to my wife how sometimes I feel really high and then really low. She said I should get off the swing.
Whenever I see a famous and reputable actor in a panto I shout at the "It's beneath you".
Today is the 30th anniversary of Groundhog Day. Incredible really as it only seems like yesterday.
Today I bought myself some sensible walking boots and a rucksack and went up to the Lake District, walked for about 5 miles stopped and sat on a stone wall and had a flask of coffee. Then I walked another 5 miles and had a biscuit and then I...Sorry, I'm rambling!
I wonder if acupuncture can cure pins and needles?
I got a book at the charity shop titled ‘A Guide to Surgical Procedures’. I opened it up and the appendix was missing.
And finally
I'd like to go to Baghdad for a holiday but I also want to see the Sphinx in Egypt. I'm stuck between Iraq and a hard face.

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