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You do not pay when you book. You pay, in cash only, on entry to the music room.

If you have booked with us before and cannot remember how to find the secret link just use this one anyway and information on how to find the secret link will be in the confirmation page.

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Gigs every Friday and occasional Sundays in Ruislip

Do not use this form to change an existing booking or to add more tickets

Do Not Use This Form To Change An Existing Booking Or To Add More Tickets

If you have booked already and are looking to change or check you booking use this form here

You pay in cash only on arrival at the venue.

Never try and pay online via this web site

NEVER enter any payment information on any pages you might THINK are served by this site. 

Tropic at Ruislip is INSIDE the expanded ULEZ Zone


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You are asked to pay IN CASH on entry.

Please note once you have paid and entered no refunds will be given under ANY circumstances as we do not issue tickets.

This extends to include technical failures, power cuts or members of the band (or audience/you) falling ill mid-performance etc.

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