It seems you made a late attempt to change a booking

Thanks for trying .......

Admit one

However, your alteration came in to us AFTER the 6pm cut off and as, in tests we have made, the bookings or changes come in almost instantaneously off the web site, we can only assume that your initial submission was after 6pm (if it was well before 6pm please let us know!).

So thanks for trying but if at all possible should the need arise again please do try and get the change in before 6 p.m.....and yes, I always realise that thing crop up last minute.

This little page is to let you know how the system works more than anything else and I hope to see you at a gig very soon.

Please be aware at 6 p.m. based on the numbers pre-booked we then advised the bar manager how many staff we suggest they might need