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Customers wishing to travel up to see a gig and stay locally over-night might be interested in details of local hotels set out below.

Prices, and other information, quoted is correct as at Feb 2019 and of course could vary dramatically so are offered as an indication only. Prices are based on a FRIDAY night stay.

If you are using public transport in London you need an Oyster Card or contactless payment card. The buses do NOT accept cash.

Please note I have NOT stayed at these hotels.

I recommend you always check on
booking.com before you book as there are sometimes offers, and if there is a major event on at Wembley Stadium the hotels around here fill up fast.

The best value hotel MIGHT be the one right at the bottom of this page

Please be aware that I have only listed the hotels that are the easiest to get to by public transport. There are some others dotted around locally such as The Tudor Lodge in Eastcote. 

The Barn Hotel

The nearest hotel is The Barn Hotel, it is about a five minute walk away, head towards the station and it is on your right.

It is quite expensive at about £90 for a night (standard double/twin), room ONLY, however it near it is to us and is a bit swish. Maybe a place for a more romantic stay??

The Premier Inn (at The Orchard)

The most expensive Premier Inn in England (well maybe) is also within walking distance...just. Walk towards the station, when you reach the entrance to The Barn Hotel (above) bear left at the roundabout up Wood Lane. At the top of Wood Lane is the White Bear pub, and on the opposite side of the roundabout there is The Orchard, and within it The Premier Inn, you have to go right along the front of it to access it, via its car park.

The Ramada South Ruislip

The Ramada London Ruislip. is right next door to South Ruislip Tube station and can, sometimes, be very good value. 

Here good value rooms can usually be found on a Friday night, where a double will cost around £65 and includes continental breakfast. Strangely a twin will cost you a lot more, so you are almost better off to have two doubles and sole occupancy. 

Getting to it from Tropic is a short bus ride away. Head to the top of Grosvenor Vale (the road we are in) and turn left. About 50 yards along here is the bus stop for the E7, which runs until about 00.50 on a Friday. Take it to the bus stop called "South Ruislip Station" and then head down the road running off to the left at the lights called Station Approach, the hotel is just under the bridge, about a 10 minute walk away...if that.

Hillingdon Lodge Hotel

Not far from Hillingdon Station where you can get a train to until as late as about 1.20 from Ruislip this hotel could be considered if you are travelling alone and money is a serious consideration (but see Travelodge below). A single room with continental breakfast could cost as little as £30 for a night, but your loo is down the corridor.

The Hillingdon Lodge does not try to be anything is it not, but does not have great reviews.

Premier Inn Uxbridge

Trains to Uxbridge leave as late as 1.20 a.m. from Ruislip most nights and this hotel is just beyond the bus garage, which itself is just outside the SIDE entrance to Uxbridge station.

Exit the hotel, walk away from the station, turn left and follow the road around the bend and you will find Wetherspoons where their breakfast has to be seen as good value.

Please be aware this hotel has NO CAR PARK, but why not leave your car in a side street near Tropic' and just pick it up in the morning? Do not park overnight in Tropic's car park, not that we have problems, but you never know what might be on the next day, park in a side street.

Travelodge Northolt

There is a Travelodge near Northolt station but it is a bit of a pain to get to from the venue late at night by public transport. 114 bus to South Ruislip and then a 282 from there towards Northolt and alight at the traffic lights by the swimming pool.
See this page to book.

Eurotraveller Hotel-Premier Harrow, London

This is a new hotel in Harrow and is just a short 114 bus ride away from Ruislip, get off the 114 at the stop AFTER the station (and outside the Police Station). There are some good prices offered on a room only rate on booking.com The hotel has a web site here

If you book well in advance there are some great prices on this hotel at booking.com and public transport is quite easy, the 114 bus runs 24/7 on a Friday and Saturday nights and goes from the station to outside the door of the hotel!

Tropic At Ruislip

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All information offered here is done so in good faith. Tropic at Ruislip is not responsible for the accuracy of any band or the exact line up or show/set that might happen on the night. Every effort will be made to describe shows accurately but sometimes bands, or their sets, change at short notice. 

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