Comment on an existing reservation

About makeing a comment on a booking you have made

If you have any problems using this style of form there is an alternative version here

If you have made a booking and want to add a comment )e.g. we might be late) please complete the form here (it is the same form as used to change a booking, just state you want to check it in the comments box).

Before you actually fill out the form please be aware that booking acknowledgements are sent manually and are not instant, so can come several hours after you made the reservation. 

They will (normally) come from one of two e-mail addresses which are or

It would be as well to add these two e-mail addresses, as well as , to any "safe list" on your e-mail software and, of course, maybe you should check now in any Junk or Spam type folders as your filters may be a little over zealous and send my acknowlegements there.

Finally, on entry to the venue, we just need your surname, you only need to, perhaps, show your confirmation if for any reason you seem not to appear on the list we will have at the door on the night. 

Any special notices will appear immediately below 

Gigs every Friday and occasional Sundays in Ruislip

Reminder: You MUST be completing this form before 6 pm on the day of the gig.

Use this form to CHANGE AN EXISTING BOOKING and NOT to make a new booking

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Please type in the box here how we should CHANGE your EXISTING booking.

If you have to cancel it helps if you can put, say, "Booked for two (or whatever), cannot make it"

If you need to alter number please put, say, "Booked for three, (or whatever), now need five"

If you need to check a booking please put, say. "Thought I booked for six, can you confirm"