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(Updated 14th January 2021) 

So, a new year and a new dawn…..not.
Before I get around to the Tropic stuff I trust you had a nice Christmas, well, cancelled Xmas if yours was anything like mine! It is now nine months since I was in Ruislip, my longest absence since I was 4, so for 42 years.
The highlight over Xmas for me was watching the repeat of One Foot in the Grave (Xmas Special) and at the end the BBC announcing "If you have been affected by this programme….."  I have to say I was, but actually I am still struggling with what upset me the first time I saw it in 1995 and there was no comforting help message. I have never recovered. Did I miss something. Is One Foot in the Grave now a documentary?
That aside here is all the doom and gloom surrounding Tropic'

Let's start with the easy stuff.

The Phone App has broken. Now it has done this before and mended itself but this time I think it is terminal. The people that hosted it have packed in. It was always a free thing anyway and actually never really an App.

I am not proposing to replace it, not many used it. SO if you have the shortcut on your phone I suggest you delete it.
Now to the gigs, or lack of them.

I have been working through all the shows from the start of 2021 to April and offering alternative dates and so I can tell you EVERYTHING is cancelled (postponed) to 2nd April and the following dates now apply.
2021 dates
Strange Doors 16th July
Absolute Bowie 23rd July
Julie July (Sandy Denny tribute) 30th July
City Funk Orchestra  2nd Oct 2021
Hats Off to Led Zeppelin 5th Nov
Rod and the Facez 12th Nov
Duran 19th November
Bravado 10th December
The Bohemians 28th January 2022
This actually fills 2021 with the exception of three dates in August and one in December all of which I will hold back for now, and early 2022 I am not intending to book at this stage, just to see how things go once we get back up and running.
If follows that if we do not start up again on 2ndApril (and I am not confident at all) the bands booked in from then onward will, for the time being at least, not be offered return dates there and then, I cannot really just keep moving everything…and I have run out of weeks!


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