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18th April 2024

Dear Live Music Fan,
SO TRUE (Formerly Spandau Too)
100% Live. What You Hear Is What We Play.
We do not use any backing tracks in any of our performances. We play every note, sing every note and harmony.
So if you want to get a feel for how we sound, pop in some earphones. These tracks are not produced for radio edit, and therefore earphones will give you a more balanced flavour of a live rehearsal/performance without lots of band chat.
When it comes to concert, we want to make things as close to the original singles tracks as possible. We are not competing with other bands. We are reproducing the amazing Gary Kemp soundscape, live so you can transport yourself back to a time when Spandau Ballet were still touring.
That’s why we spend so long to nail down each part. And it’s why we only have the best people for drums, sax, keys, bass & lead guitar. So True is a passionate 7-piece band with 5 vocals, making it a full, rich, faithful production - without backing tracks, so it’s just us.
And the result is a great show - but with a So True twist. Our treatment of the tracks is unique and that shines through in performance. You’ll hear that when you come to our concerts. And they are great fun.
There is only one Spandau Ballet. There is only one Tony Hadley. But So True pays homage to one of the most influential 80’s bands - in an evening you’ll love and a sound that will take you back through time.
This show is booking well and whilst I do not envisage a sell out a reservation is advised.
Sadly (for me!) Ian who normally greets people on entry and deals with the money cannot be with us this Friday so instead we have the “B Team” doing the door…..ME! So please be patient with me. I will have help from young Sam and maybe Martin both of whom, if you are a regular, you will have met before.
I have decided that whilst I will accept payments over £13 (the admission price) I will not, because I am stupid, give change so if you turn up with a £50 note…..
Book now at or your usual web links.
Here we have what I would call “Gig Of The Year” and there are a whole host of people who would agree with me on this including probably anyone who have seen them before down to Ian who does the door with me. We all, collectively, rate this show. Yet, sadly, it just never seems to draw the numbers it deserves. They also do very few shows and we are therefore honoured to be putting them on.
As it says on the web site: -
Gold Rush channel the musical spirit and artistry of Neil Young with an authentic sound, delivering all the classics and a few hidden gems with passion and energy. 
Gold Rush cover everything from Neil’s most intimate acoustic moments such as Old Man, Needle and the Damage Done and Heart of Gold, to the more upbeat and country tunes such as Comes a Time and Are You ready For the Country climaxing with his face-melting, mind bending guitar wig outs of Down By The River, Southern Man and Rockin In The Free World! 
Fronting Gold Rush is Tom Billington who says: “Neil is my Elvis... he ticks every box for me. Sometimes, when you've been listening to a lot of Neil Young, everything else sounds small and shallow. He does what he wants, when he wants to and is true to the music and the inspiration at all times... 
Gold Rush is just me and a bunch of like-minded Neil fans who happen to be able to pull it off! These songs have been under my skin since I was a kid.”
Gold Rush started life in 2012 playing pubs and clubs as The Honeyslides, although Tom Billington (Neil!), Luke Scurr (Guitar, Piano, Vocals) and Hannah Billington (Guitar, Vocals) have been singing Neil songs together since they were children. 
Professional rhythm section and fellow Neil fans Elias Gargallo Aguilella (Drums) and Micky Englert (Bass) complete the line-up with their sensitive and dynamic playing. 
Book now at or your usual web links.

ULEZ (a repeat reminder)
Please remember that Tropic is inside the new expanded ULEZ Zone
What a load of fun we had. Jamie told me before the show that he thinks the best audience he plays in front of is at Tropic’.
Last Friday we had loads of folk dressed up and everyone got in to the swing of things and a good time was had by all and yes we were busy but not full…the 30 or so that booked but just failed to turn up ensured we were well inside the fire limit for the room.
I think that is all see you soon.


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