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(Updated 10th February 2021) 

Very little to report, just some more cancelled gigs.
The Alter Eagles that was on 9th April has been moved to 21st January 2022
The Total Rock Show with Johnny Warman and the date for The Mentulls have both been cancelled and no new dates will be found until we are back up and running again.
The means the next potential show is 30th April for The Mods….and I suspect that will not happen so watch this space.
I have re-written the (very) old Ruislip web site and whilst it is still a work in progress it can be found at
This contains a lot of very old and historical information.
The newer and more up to the minute site may still be found at
as it was before, but again this has been expanded and again is a work in progress.
I spoke to soon in thanking somebody for buying 13 laptops via my Amazon sales account as half were returned to Amazon it seems - oh well I am still grateful and still in pocket.
If you buy from Amazon just go to first.
No different to you, makes a big difference to me.

(The page that comes up may well be the Amazon web site, just save that page as your shortcut, the URL relates it to my sales account.)

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