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(Updated 2nd December 2021) 

Dear Live Music Fan
Quite a bit to get through this week and I am going to start with the “News”
A reminder that if you are coming to The Floyd Effect this Friday 3rd December that doors will be at 8.30 or sooner if we are ready and the band will start at 9.30 p.m.
We have late music and bar until after midnight and the bar will close around the same time as the music finishes. You might have time to grab a last drink at the end if you are quick.
For public transport the last tube is at 00.40 a.m. towards Baker Street or for Uxbridge it is 01.23 a.m.
The 114 bus to Ruislip Manor and South Harrow etc. runs all night on a Friday.
A main road in Ickenham is presently closed (Breakspear Road South) and whilst it might open before Friday evening it is causing problems in the Ickenham area. For this reason if you are driving to us you are advised if coming from the west to go via the A40 and leave at the Polish War Memorial roundabout, A4180, towards Ruislip to get to Grosvenor Vale.
Elsewhere I also understand there are issues with three way traffic lights at the top of Ducks Hill Road near Mouth Vernon Hospital in Northwood which is perhaps another area to avoid.
This will probably not affect you but I am now closing off the phone bookings at noon on a Friday but you can still book online until 6 pm (sharp) as normal.
Can I just remind you that if you want to get hold of me and it has absolutely anything to do with a booking this must be by the forms on the web site and not by using the contact form on there or responding to this e-mail etc.
Bookings go to special places and special software.
The form(s) on the site actually go to three different places. E-mails simply do not, they go to one, and it is not the correct one.
Somebody sent an e-mail in at 4 pm a few weeks back about coming with a teenager…I simply did not see it ahead of the show. Had they used the “Check a Reservation” form on the web site I would have done.
Gimme Abba on 7th January has sold out. If you want to come just book as normal and I will try and fit you in against cancellations.
I say I do not run a waiting list which is not totally correct but if I get a run of cancellations on a Friday afternoon I do not have access to any “list” as I am not in the office but the web site can be updated, so the web site is still king.
Everyone who booked after Fleetwood Bac was showing as sold out was offered a ticket eventually.
Historically January has always been a popular month and there is normally a flood of bookings come in just after Xmas. If you fancy coming to a January show an early reservation is advised.
Please note the decision has been taken not to put on a show on Good Friday, 15th April. Historically this Bank Holiday Friday has not been well attended and so we will take the night off.
Furthermore the main “Six Week Holiday” in the summer (End of July to early September) has always been a bit of a quiet time and so we will, this year, have a “Summer Recess” where our final show before this break will be on Friday 22nd July (see below) and we will re-start on Friday 9th September 2022.
The biggest production put on at Tropic each year by a country mile. The value of the equipment loaded in previously for this show is simply eye-watering and I expect this year to be the same.
The music of Pink Floyd as it was meant to be heard.
The Floyd Effect is renowned for the remarkable accuracy with which it performs the music of Pink Floyd. All of the band’s members are top quality musicians with pedigrees that stretch across all manner of musical genres, and they faithfully recreate the music and intensity of a Pink Floyd concert without recourse to backing tracks, racks of computers, or other technological wizardry. Every note that you hear is played and sung by the band, making each concert a genuine ‘live’ experience; powerful, immersive and emotional. And, of course, the music is supported by a dramatic light show that incorporates the iconic circular screen, two sets of projections, smoke and lasers.
Sit back and enjoy The Floyd Effect as the band takes you on a journey through the music of Pink Floyd. Unless you were there the first time around, it was never as real as this.
We still have a few spaces remaining where tickets are £18 advance, £20 on the door.
Book now at or your usual web links.
If you are coming please try and give us the correct money as you enter. If everyone turns up with a £20 note we will quickly run out of change.
BRAVADO (A tribute to Rush)
We have people coming from far and wide to see this amazing band play the frighteningly complex music of Rush fully live.
If you have never seen them, or if you do not know Rush give it a go.
Personally I quite like Rush but I like it a lot more when it is played loud, it is not music to just listen to, you need to be absorbed in to it.
As it says on the web site
Rush fans at a Bravado show can expect to hear a 2 to 3 hour selection from the following ever-expanding list of tracks, (shown here with their amusing anagrams where available), largely taken from the classic Terry Brown period, performed in a man-for-man, WYSIWYG kind of way, without the use of additional musicians or click-tracks and sequencers.
"Not normally being one for tribute bands this was an exception as it was Pod from Psi Phi and "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Geddy Lee", along with Paul on guitar and Dean on drums.
Having only see one Rush tribute band before the vocals were always the problem with Geddy Lee's high range, but Pod did a very good job indeed, he even looked like him.
The material covered was from the first Rush album through to Signals and it is quite complex stuff to play, having to sing and play bass while playing bass pedals with your feet all at the same time takes some mastering.
Most of the best known songs were included in the set list but with so many to choose from it can't have been easy knowing what to leave out.
The Trees and La Villa Strangiato from Hemispheres was played with a great drum solo included which the crowd appreciated.
For anybody who likes Rush and doesn't want to wait years in the hope of their return this must be the next best thing. "
Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock society magazine, May 2005
Book now at or your usual web links where it is £13 pre-booked of £15 on the door.
It is a magnificent night and if you have been once I am sure you will be back.
The club have one of their own shows on Saturday 11th December with an 80’s fest’ of electronic music.
Tickets are £16 and can only be bought over the bar, either in advance or on the night I guess if available.
Normally in August we see the return of our brilliant tribute to The Beach Boys, The Beached Boys. As we are now closing for our summer recess I have brought them forward and can think of no finer band to close us off for a few weeks than them, the will now be our final show before the break and have been booked to return on Friday 22nd July.
The brilliant Fleetwood Bac will return on 25th November 2022.
Bookings are now being taken for these, and all other shows on the web site. Book now at or your usual web links.
A busy night with the brilliant Fleetwood Bac last Friday, we were quite full, but did allow a few people in who had turned up “on spec” on the door, so even if a show is sold out it could be worth turning up in case people booked had cancelled at the last minute (or just not turned up…). Of course the band were on top form, and what a wonderful audience (I have to say that, my wife was there).
Sadly The Malone Sibun show on the Sunday was not really that busy. If folks want these Sunday Blues shows to continue we really do need “bums on seats”.
I think that is all.
See you soon

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