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Gigs every Friday and occasional Sundays in Ruislip

Complete the form towards the foot of this page the first time you book with us. We will then serve a little cookie on your computer that means next time you automatically get sent to a shorter form.

It is a condition of booking that you agree to be added to our mailing list. If you do not want to get our weekly missive you can always come off the list, there are "remove" options on every e-mail. 

If for any reason the cookie does not work we will also tell you how to find the shorter form anyway. We just need to know a little more about you the first time you book.

You do not pay when you book. You pay, in cash only, on entry to the music room

If you have booked with us before and cannot remember how to find the short form just use this one anyway and information on how to find the secret link will be in the confirmation page.

Please carefully read the confirmation page as it contains important information about your ticket reservation

See you soon.

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