Past Gigs at Tropic At Ruislip


20th FebruaryThe Rollin Stoned
27th FebruaryThe Small Fakers
6th MarchAbsolute Bowie
13th MarchJuicy Lucy
20th MarchLed Zep Too
27th MarchThe Floyd Effect
3rd AprilTouch 2 Much
10th AprilThe Beached Boys
17th AprilStray
24th AprilWingsbanned
1st MayJet Harris
8th MayLos Pacaminos (With Paul Young)
15th MayWho's Who
22nd MayDeeply Purple
29th MayDizzy Lizzy
5th JuneStatin Quo
12th JuneDire Fakes
19th JuneKast Off Kinks
26th JuneSamtan
3rd JulyRobbie McIntosh Band
10th JulyThe Hamsters
17th JulyThe Rollin Stoned
24th JulyWho's Who
31st JulyThe Small Fakers
7th AugustThe New Amen Corner
14th AugustBlues Joe X + Ian Terry + Mac Poole
21st AugustThe Beached Boys
28th AugustAbsolute Bowie
4th SeptemberRelease the Peach with 24 Fighting Camels
11th SeptemberKast Off Kinks
18th SeptemberLarry Miller
25th SeptemberNever The Bride
2nd OctoberAC DC UK
9th OctoberSamtana
16th OctoberFleetwood Bac
23rd OctoberDire Fakes
30th OctoberAlike Cooper
1st NovemberRobbin Bibi
6th NovemberStray
8th NovemberBen Waters
13th NovemberToo Rex
15th NovemberEd Deane Band
20th NovemberBootleg Blondie
22nd NovemberKilborn Alley Blues Band
27th NovemberLos Pacaminos
29th NovemberDel Bromham
4th DecemberThe Rollin Stoned
11th DecemberThe Floyd Effect
18th DecemberWho's Who


8th JanuaryLike The Beatles
15th JanuaryJohn Otway + The Right Reverend Swifty LeZarre
22nd JanuaryBad Influence
29th JanuaryPower of Soul + Bolaji Blues Band
5th FebruarySpace Ritual
7th FebruaryJerry Jablonski and the Electric Band
12th FebruaryThe Hamsters
14th FebruaryThe Flying Squad
19th FebruaryThe Book of Genesis
21st FebruaryJuicy Lucy
26th FebruaryFire and Water
28th FebruaryRoadhouse
5th MarchThe Rollin Stoned
7th MarchAndy De Rosa and Electric Mojo
Ian Ecclestone and the Blue Horizon
Blues Joe X
12th MarchStray
19th MarchWho's Who
26th MarchRoxy Magic
28th MarchRobin Bibi
2nd AprilLarry Miller
4th AprilStorm Warning
9th AprilZZ Tops
11th AprilBolaji Blues Band
16th AprilThe Members
The Price
The Attendents
18th AprilThe Bullfrog Blues Band
23rd AprilElvis Now and Forever with Anthony Shore
30th AprilFleetwood Bac
7th MayThe New Amen Corner
9th MayPat McManus Band 
14th MaySmall Fakers
21st MayHigher On Maiden + Mentallica
28th MayDeeply Purple + The Almaboobies
4th JuneNever The Bride
6th JuneWolftracks + The Flying Squad + Gypie Mayo
11th JuneRhapsody
18th JuneBlue Yonder
25th JuneSamtana
2nd JulyStray
9th JulyFire and Water
16th JulyCounterfeit Quo
23rd JulyWho's Who
30th JulyThe Beached Boys
6th AugustThe Alter Eagles
13th AugustThe Rollin Stoned
20th AugustThe Hamsters
27th AugustGuns 4 Hire
3rd SeptemberBootleg Blondie
10th SeptemberLos Pacaminos
17th SeptemberRoxy Magic
25th SeptemberAC DC UK
1st OctoberThunderclap Newman
3rd OctoberAli McKenzie Band
8th OctoberAbsolute Bowie
10th OctoberPaul Cox and Charlie Fabert
15th OctoberJohn Otway and his big band
17th OctoberPat McManus
22nd OctoberStray
24th OctoberWillie Nile
29th OctoberAlike Cooper
31st OctoberSmokin' Hogs
5th NovemberLarry Miller
12th NovemberFire and Water
14th NovemberJerry Jablonski and the Electric Band
19th NovemberZZ Tops
21st NovemberRoadhouse
26th NovemberThe New Amen Corner
3rd DecemberThe Rollin Stoned
5th DecemberIan Parker
10th DecemberNever The Bride
17th DecemberWho's Who


7th JanuaryThe Mods
14th JanuaryRhapsody
21st JanuaryThe Hamsters
22nd JanuaryLarry Miller
28th JanuaryFleetwood Bac
4th FebruaryThree Bonzos and a Piano
5th FebruaryThe Groundhogs
11th FebruaryThe Glitter Band
18th FebruaryThe Book Of Genesis
19th FebruaryStorm Warning + Bolaji Blues Band
+ Ashley Dawes
24th FebruaryThe Floyd Effect
4th MarchThe Black Dogz
11th MarchClassic Clapton
18th MarchAll Right Now
19th MarchRoadhouse
25th MarchThe Buzz Lightweights
26th MarchEddie and The Hot Rods +
The Flying Squad
1st AprilCounterfeit Quo
8th AprilThe Alter Eagles
13th AprilWillie Nile
15th AprilHigher On Maiden + Mentallica
22nd AprilDeeply Purple + The Almaboobies
29th AprilWho's Who
6th MayDizzy Lizzy
13th MaySamtana
20th MayThe Unforgettable Fire
27th MayThe Pistols + The Clashed
3rd JuneLike The Beatles
10th JuneTreason + The Flying Squad
17th JuneZZ Tops
21st JuneIan Parker
24th JuneNever The Bride + Ashley Dawes
1st JulyKast Off Kinks
8th JulyThe Beached Boys
9th JulyUrban Fox
15th JulyThe Small Fakers + The Flying Squad
22nd JulyKins Of Leon
29th JulyAre You Experienced
30th JulyJay Tamkin Band
5th AugustDire Streets
12th AugustBravado
19th AugustFragile
26th AugustBorn To Be Jovi
2nd SeptemberLarry Miller
9th SeptemberAbsolute Bowie
10th SeptemberAlbie J As Michael Bublé
17th SeptemberAC DC UK
23rd SeptemberBootleg Blondie
30th SeptemberJohn Otway and his Little Big Band
7th OctoberThe Strange Doors
14th OctoberPat McManus
21st OctoberRoxy Magic
28th OctoberAlike Cooper
4th NovemberWillie Nile
11th NovemberFire and Water
18th NovemberStray
19th NovemberHypermused
25th NovemberX-UFO
2nd DecemberRhapsody
9th DecemberThe Rollin Stoned
16th DecemberFour Bills and a Ben
23rd DecemberThe New Amen Corner
28th DecemberGimme Abba
30th DecemberWho's Who


6th JanuaryBravado
7th JanuaryThe Blow
13th JanuaryThe Pistols + The Ramonas
20th JanuaryThe Hamsters
27th JanuaryFleetwood Bac
3rd FebruaryThree Bonzos and a Piano
4th FebruaryBad Influence
10th FebruaryThe Black Dogz
17th FebruaryThe Floyd Effect
18th FebruaryAlbie J as Michael Bublé
24th FebruaryGuns or Roses
2nd MarchOasiz
3rd MarchIan Parker
9th MarchSpace Ritual
16th MarchDeeply Purple + The Alma Boobies
17th MarchSimon Townshend Band +
The Jay Tamkin Band
18th MarchThe Jay Tamkin Band
21st MarchNervana
23rd MarchAll Right Now
24th MarchLarry Miller Band
30th MarchThe Alter Eagles
6th AprilThe Bryan Adams Experience
13th AprilNighon Maiden + Mentallica
14th AprilGeno Washington a & Yo Yo Blues
+Gerry Tremaine and the Rising Sons
15th AprilWillie Nile + The David Sinclair Trio +
Micky Kemp
20th AprilThe Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel +
Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
21st AprilAbsolute Bowie
27th AprilSoul Intention
4th MayCounterfeit Quo
5th MayThe Rod Stewart Experience
11th MaySamtana
18th MayDizzy Lizzy
25th MaySinnerboy
1st JuneThe Secret Police + Paramanza
3rd JuneThe Memebers
(Special Guest Rat Scabies on Drums)
+ The Jetsonics
8th JuneThe Unforgettable Fire
9th JuneVoodoo Room
15th JuneThe Mods
22nd JuneBravado
29th JuneWho's Who
30th JuneRhapsody
6th JulyZZ Tops
13th JulyThe Beached Boys
20th JulyThe Small Fakers + Ashley Dawes
21st JulyStill Marillion
27th JulyHeavy Metal Kids + Weapon
3rd AugustThe Kast Off Kinks
10th AugustIt Must Be Madness
11th AugustDani Wilde
17th AugustLike The Beatles
18th AugustTwo Little Boys + Toffees
+ Hiding Giants
24th AugustBorn to be Jovi
31st AugustThe Clashed + The Flying Squad
7th SeptemberAC DC UK
14th SeptemberAre You Experienced
15th SeptemberThe Floyd Effect
21st SeptemberLarry Miller
28th SeptemberAbsolute Bowie
29th SeptemberThe Buzz Lightweights + Truss
5th OctoberThe Book of Genesis
12th OctoberStray
13th OctoberThe Pat McManus Band
19th OctoberKins of Leon + The Provisos
26th OctoberSnowblind
2nd NovemberFragile
9th NovemberThe New Amen Corner
16th NovemberBootleg Blondie
17th NovemberBad Influence
23rd NovemberFire and Water
30th NovemberRhapsody
7th DecemberRoxy Magic
14th DecemberDr Feelgood
15th DecemberLos Pacaminos (with Paul Young)
21st DecemberElvis and the CC Riders
28th DecemberGimme Abba
29th DecemberStraighten Out


4th JanuaryWho's Who
11th JanuaryThe Rollin Stoned
12th JanuaryD-Ran D-Ran
19th January(Gig cancelled - snow)
25th JanuaryNever The Bride
26th JanuaryMr Tibbs
1st FebruaryThe Strange Doors
8th FebruaryBravado
15th FebruaryFleetwood Bac
17th FebruaryIan Parker Band
22nd FebruaryThe Floyd Effect
23rd FebruaryThe Floyd Effect
1st MarchThe Pistols + The Ramonas
9th MarchAll Right Now
15th MarchClassic Clapton
16th MarchSoul Intention
22nd MarchNighon Maiden
29th MarchToo Petty
5th AprilAbsolute Bowie
12th AprilUltimate Elton
19th AprilMentallica + Rammlied
20th AprilLee Pashley As Robbie Williams
26th AprilOasiz + George Viktor Emmanuel
3rd MayThe Scopyons + Armed and Ready
5th MayWillie Nile
10th MayThe Alter Eagles
12th MayEddie Blue and the Strom
+ Bolaji Blues Band
17th MayDeeply Purple + The Almaboobies
18th MayThe Rod Stewart Experience
24th MayA Foreigners Journey
25th MayThe Black Dogz
31st MayGeno Washington + Blue Touch
7th JuneThe Secret Police
14th JuneJoe Durso and Stone Caravan
+ Micky Kemp
15th JuneStanley Dee
21st JuneSinnerboy
28th JuneX-UFO + Nife
5th JulyVoodoo Room
12th JulyNever Forever
13th JulyCounterfeit Quo
19th JulyJay Tamkin Band
26th JulyThe Beached Boys
2nd AugustFood Fighterz + Hypermused
9th AugustZZ Tops
10th AugustStargazer
16th AugustIt Must Be Madness
23rd AugustGuns Or Roses
30th AugustBootleg Boss
6th SeptemberBravado
7th SeptemberStillMarillion 
8th SeptemberBlues Business
13th SeptemberThe Small Fakers + The Brag
+ The Beat Freaks
20th SeptemberThe Modfathers
21st SeptemberThe Buzz Lightweights + Third Rail Shock
27th SeptemberAC DC UK
29th SeptemberIan Parker Band
4th OctoberAbsolute Bowie
11th OctoberDizzy Lizzy
12th OctoberLike The Beatles
18th OctoberStray + Soul Thief
20th OctoberBig Dez + Storm Warning
25th OctoberLarry Miller
1st NovemberThe Mods
8th NovemberJohn Otway
9th NovemberThe Billy Walton Band + Planet Graffiti
15th NovemberDani Wilde
16th NovemberRoadhouse
22nd NovemberRoxy Magic
29th NovemberBootleg Blondie
1st DecemberMark Harrison Band
3rd DecemberWillie Nile + Jefferson Grizzard
6th DecemberRhapsody
13th DecemberChantel McGregor + Nife
14th DecemberJack Valentine as Frank Sinatra
20th DecemberElvis and the CC Riders
27th DecemberGimme Abba


3rd JanuaryWho's Who
10th JanuaryThe Rollin Stoned
17th JanuaryAynt Skynyrd
18th JanuaryThe Honeyslides
24th JanuaryStraighten Out
26th JanuaryThe Secret Police
31st JanuaryAre You Experienced
1st FebruaryAlbie J as Michael Bublé
7th FebruaryFleetwood Bac
14th FebruaryJohnny Warman's Magic Bus
21st FebruaryFoodFighterz + Hypermused
28th FebruaryThe Faces Experience
2nd MarchBand Of Sceptics + The Flying Squad
7th MarchThree Bonzos and a Piano
8th MarchThe Glammed
14th MarchThe Strange Doors
21st MarchThe Pat McManus Band + The Mentulls
28th MarchSnowblind
30th MarchLike The Beatles
4th AprilNever The Bride
5th AprilBad Influence
11th AprilThe Kast Off Kinks
18th AprilMentallica + Rammlied
25th AprilSamtana
27th AprilThe Move
2nd MayAbsolute Bowie
9th MayUltimate Elton
10th MayDr Feelgood + Toffees
17th MayLos Pacaminos with Paul Young
23rd MayThe Pistols + The Blox
25th MayBootleg Blondie
30th MayThe Floyd Effect
6th JuneSoul Intention
13th JuneToo Petty
14th JuneChris Nott as David Essex
20th JuneMotorheadache + Saxonized
22nd JuneFleetwood Bac
27th JuneThe Honeyslides
4th JulyThe Book of Genesis
11th JulyThe ZZ Tops
18th JulyThe Alter Eagles
25th JulyThe Rod Stewart Experience
1st AugustMoney For Nothing
8th AugustIt Must Be Madness
15th AugustThe Beached Boys
22nd AugustA Foreigners Journey
23rd AugustOnly Yazoo
29th AugustStanley Dee
5th SeptemberVirgil and the Accelerators
6th SeptemberAlbie J as Michael Bublé
12th SeptemberAC DC UK
(Building work)
3rd OctoberAbsolute Bowie
10th OctoberELO Again
11th OctoberStillMarillion
17th OctoberThe Rubettes featuring Bill Hurd
24th OctoberLarry Miller + The Mentulls
31st OctoberCurved Air
7th NovemberStargazer
8th NovemberLee Pashley as Robbie Williams
14th NovemberToo Rex
21st NovemberChantel McGregor Band
23rd NovemberWillie Nile
28th NovemberBootleg Blondie
5th DecemberRhapsody
6th DecemberRhapsody
12th DecemberThe New Amen Corner
19th DecemberCould It Be Magic
27th DecemberGimme Abba


2nd JanuaryMartin Turner plays the music of Wishbone Ash
9th JanuaryThe Rollin Stoned
16th JanuaryWho's Who
17th JanuaryThe Rod Stewart Experience
23rd JanuaryLike The Beatles
30th JanuaryHats Off To Led Zeppelin
6th FebruaryStray
7th FebruaryEndorphinmachine
13th FebruaryFleetwood Bac
20th FebruaryElvis and the CC Riders
27th FebruaryFowokan
6th MarchRoadhouse + Red Butler
7th MarchA Diamond Experience
13th MarchClassic Clapton
20th MarchRoxy Magic
22nd MarchBookends
27th MarchTrue Gold
4th AprilMentallica + Rammlied
10th AprilThe Secret Police
11th April Albie J as Michael Bublé
17th AprilBravado
24th AprilThe Trembling Wilburys
26th AprilBuddy Holly and Rat Pack Show
1st MayThe Mentulls + The Matt Edwards Band
8th MayCloudbusting
9th MayUltimate Elton
15th MayFire and Water
22nd MayAbsolute Bowie
24th MayBootleg Blondie
29th MayThe Floyd Effect
5th JuneNever The Bride
12th JuneThe Strange Doors
13th JuneChris Nott as David Essex
19th JuneSinnerboy
26th JuneGuns N'Roses Experience
3rd JulyJohn Otway
4th JulyThe Estrellas
11th JulyThe Pistols + The Clashed
17th JulyBootleg Boss
24th JulyHigher On Maiden + Metalworks
31st JulyThe Zimmermen
7th AugustGeno Washington
14th AugustIt Must Be Madness
21st AugustThe Beached Boys
28th AugustThe Alter Eagles
30th AugustLike The Beatles
4th SeptemberDanny and the Champions of the World
11th SeptemberCash
12th SeptemberStillMarillion
18th SeptemberAC DC UK
20th SeptemberStanley Dee
26th SeptemberProgfathers
28th SeptemberOctavia + Storm Warning
2nd OctoberChantel McGregor
9th OctoberDizzy Lizzy
10th OctoberThe Rod Stewart Experience
16th OctoberVoodoo Room
23rd OctoberThe Honeyslides
25th OctoberSamtana
30th OctoberMentallica
6th NovemberDanny Wilde + Tabitha Smith
7th NovemberAlbie J as Michael Bublé
13th NovemberAbsolute Bowie
20th NovemberELO Again
27th NovemberLogicaltramp
4th DecemberVirgil and the Accelerators + Red Butler
5th DecemberEndorphinmachine
11th DecemberRhapsody
18th DecemberCould It Be Magic
27th DecemberGimme Abba


2nd JanuaryMartin Turner plays the music of Wishbone Ash
8th JanuaryThe Rollin Stoned
15th JanuaryWho's Who
16th JanuaryThe Rod Stewart Experience
22nd JanuaryRainbow In Rock
24th JanuaryThe Marrakesh Express
29th JanuaryHats Off To Led Zeppelin
30th JanuaryLos Pacaminos with Paul Young
5th FebruaryThe Buzz Lightweights
12th FebruaryFleetwood Bac
13th FebruaryLee Pashley as Robbie Williams
19th FebruaryThe Small Fakers
21st FebruaryJohn Otway and Wild Willie Barrett
26th FebruaryAre You Experienced
4th MarchFowokan
11th MarchToo Rex
12th MarchSeventies Superstars
18th MarchStanley Dee
25th MarchAynt Skynyrd
8th AprilThe Modfathers
9th AprilA Diamond Experience
15th AprilSabbotage
22nd AprilAbsolute Bowie
29th AprilKast Off Kinks
1st MaySoul Intention
6th MayCloudbusting
13th MayA Foreigners Journey
14th MayUltimate Elton
20th MayTrue Gold
27th MayThe Dead Ringers
29th MayBookends
3rd JuneThe Mentulls + Candi's Dog
10th JuneElvis and the CC Riders
17th JuneThe Bootleg Bee Gees
19th JuneThe Alter Eagles
24th JuneThe Floyd Effect
1st JulyThe Mods
8th JulyLike The Beatles
9th JulyBad Influence
10th JulyAll Night Workers
15th JulyBravado
16th JulySweet45 + Glam45
22nd JulySamtana
24th JulyBuddy Holly and Rat Pack Show
29th JulyThe Beached Boys
5th AugustWrong Jovi
13th AugustIt Must Be Madness
20th AugustCounterfeit Quo
26th AugustU2 Baby
28th AugustBootleg Blondie
2nd SeptemberChantel McGregor
9th SeptemberThe Book of Genesis
16th SeptemberAC DC UK
17th SeptemberAlbie J as Michael Bublé
23rd SeptemberZZ Tops
25th SeptemberWillie Nile
30th SeptemberFleetwood Bac
2nd OctoberThe Honeyslides
7th OctoberNever The Bride
14th OctoberThe Boss UK
15th OctoberThe Rod Stewart Experience
21st OctoberRoxy Magic
28th OctoberAbsolute Bowie
30th OctoberThe Zimmermen
4th NovemberDu Bellows + The Occasional Orchestra
11th NovemberThe Trembling Wilburys
13th NovemberStorm Warning + Catfish
18th NovemberFragile
19th NovemberStillMarillion
25th NovemberGimme Abba
27th NovemberRoadhouse + Yoka and Big Ray
2nd DecemberDanny and the Champions of the World
+ Candi's Dog
9th DecemberCreedence Clearwater Review
16th DecemberThe Bohemians
23rd DecemberCould It Be Magic
30th DecemberThe Mods


6th JanuaryThe Rollin Stoned
13th JanuaryWho's Who
14th JanuaryThe Estrellas
20th JanuaryHats Off To Led Zeppelin
27th JanuaryThe Alter Eagles
3rd FebruaryThe Floyd Effect
5th FebruaryLike The Beatles
10th FebruaryFowokan
17th FebruaryLos Pacaminos with Paul Young
19th FebruaryJohn Otway
24th FebruaryRainbow In Rock
25th FebruaryEndorphinmachine
3rd MarchGuitar Legends
10th March Absolute Bowie
11th MarchThe Rod Stewart Experience
17th MarchFleetwood Bac
24th MarchThe Strange Doors
31st MarchThe Secret Police
1st AprilAldie J as Michael Bublé
7th AprilThe Modfathers
14th AprilMentallica + Rammlied
21st AprilDire Straits UK
22nd AprilA Diamond Experience
28th AprilToo Rex
5th MayThe Honeyslides
12th MayDizzy Lizzy
19th MayDr Feelgood
26th MayGuns Or Roses
2nd JuneA Foreigners Journey
9th JuneCloudbusting
16th JuneThe Rollin Stoned
17th JuneCould It Be Magic
23rd JuneThe Faces Experience
30th JuneWho's Who
7th JulyThe Bohemians
14th JulyFire and Water
21st JulyCounterfeit Quo
28th JulyVoodoo Room
4th AugustSinnerboy
11th AugustStraighten Out
12th AugustThe ELO Encounter
18th AugustThe Beached Boys
19th AugustSNOG
25th AugustBootleg Blondie
26th AugustThe Alter Eagles
1st SeptemberBravado
8th SeptemberThe Small Fakers
15th SeptemberAC DC UK
16th SeptemberThe Rod Stewart Experience
17th SeptemberBlack Rose + The Dominos + Messiah
22nd SeptemberIt Must Be Madness
29th SeptemberAbsolute Bowie
6th OctoberAre You Experienced?
7th OctoberIan Parker Band
13th OctoberFleetwood Bac
20th OctoberThe City Funk Orchestra
27th OctoberThe British Invasion
3rd NovemberThe Kast off Kinks
5th NovmeberWillie Nile
10th NovemberHigher On Maiden
17th NovemberLogicaltramp
18th NovemberStillMarillion
25th NovemberRoxy Magic
1st DecemberThe Floyd Effect
2nd DecemberThe Estrellas
8th DecemberUnchained - The Best Of Joe Cocker Live
15th DecemberThe Bohemians
22nd DecemberCould It Be Magic
29th DecemberGimme Abba


5th JanuaryThe Rollin Stoned
12th JanuaryWho's Who
13th JanuaryBookends
19th JanuaryHats Off To Led Zeppelin
26th JanuaryDuran
2nd FebruaryDio Trilogy
9th FebruaryLike The Beatles
16th FebrauryLos Pacaminos with Paul Young
22nd FebruaryStanley Dee
2nd MarchCancelled due to snow
9th MarchAbsoloute Bowie
16th MarchFleetwood Bac
23rd MarchCash + Mick O'Regan
30th MarchMentallica + Rammlied
6th AprilSoul Of Santana
13th AprilThe Honeyslides
20th AprilU2 Baby
27th AprilThe Pistols + Transmission
4th MayWrong Jovi
11th MayUltimate Elton
18th MayThe Boss UK
19th MayAlbie J as Michael Bublé
25th MayRainbow In Rock
1st JuneRod and The Facez
8th JuneThe Bohemians
15th JuneThe Rollin Stoned
16th JuneCould It be Magic
22nd JuneThe Alter Eagles
29th JuneStipe (REM)
6th JulyCreedence Clearwater Review
13th JulySabbotage
20th JulyToo Rex + Tyrannosaurs Jed
27th JulyPianoman
3rd AugustWhitesnake UK
4th AugustTiny Tina Rock and Blues Band
10th AugustThe Zimmermen
11st AugustSNOG
17th AugustThe Beached Boys
18th AugustDire Straits UK
24th AugustBootleg Blondie
31st AugustThe Honeyslides
7th SeptemberIt Must Be Madness
14th SeptemberDizzy Lizzy
21st SeptemberAC DC UK
28th SeptemberAbsolute Bowie
5th OctoberChantel McGregor
12th OctoberLes Binks' Priesthood
19th OctoberQueens Of Rock + Guitar Godz
26th OctoberFleetwood Bac
2nd NovemberIan Parker Band
9th NovemberGenesis Legacy
16th NovemberSmall Fakers
23rd NovemberThe ELO Encounter
24th NovemberFree's Company
30th NovemberBravado
7th DecemberThe Floyd Effect
14th DecemberDuran
21st DecemberGimme Abba
28th DecemberCould It be Magic


4th JanuaryWho's Who
11th JanuaryThe Bohemians
18th JanuaryThe City Funk Orchestra
19th JanuaryCounterfeit Quo
25th JanuaryThe Kast Off Kinks
26th JanuaryThe Rod Stewart Experience
1st FebruaryHats Off To Led Zeppelin
2nd FebruaryThe New Amen Corner
8th FebruaryUK Michael Jackson
15th FebruaryThe Strange Doors
22nd FebruaryThe Rollin Stoned
23rd FebruaryDu Bellows + The Second Sons
1st MarchUltimate Coldplay
8th MarchMentallica + Rammlied
15th MarchUnchained - The Best Of Joe Cocker Live
22nd MarchRoxy Magic
29th MarchThe Joneses
6th AprilFleetwood Bac
12th AprilYes Please
19th AprilThe Mods
26th AprilNever 42
3rd MaySlade UK
10th MayStraighten Out
17th MayToo Petty
24th MayThe Honeyslides
31st MayAynt Skynyrd
7th JuneThe Scopyons + Syked
14th JuneThe Bohemians
21st JuneAre You Experienced?
28th JuneSouth Coast Soul Revue
29th JuneBig Gilson
5th JulyThe Alter Eagles
12th JulySinnerboy (Special guest Big Gilson)
19th JulyHigher On Maiden
26th JulyLike The Beatles
2nd AugustThe Beached Boys
3rd AugustThe Zimmermen
9th AugustA Diamond Experience
16th AugustThe ELO Encounter
17th AugustTiny Tina Rock and Blues Band
23rd AugustBootleg Blondie
30th AugustStanley Dee
6th SeptemberA Foreigners Journey
7th SeptemberChantel McGregor
13th SeptemberAC DC UK
15th SeptemberStorm Warning + Del Bromham
20th SeptemberThe Modfathers
27th SeptemberRainbow In Rock
4th OctoberProgfathers
11th OctoberManoeuvers
12th OctoberDaniel East as Ed Sheeran
18th OctoberVoodoo Room
20th OctoberThe Sharpeez + Saiichi Sugiyama
25th OctoberFleetwood Bac
1st NovemberThe Feelgood Band
8th NovemberThe Book Of Genesis
9th NovemberJohn Otway
15th NovemberLogicalTramp
17th NovemberCinelli Brothers
22nd NovemberGimme Abba
23rd NovemberUptown Funk
29th NovemberGuitar Legends
6th DecemberThe Floyd Effect
13th DecemberStipe (REM)
20th DecemberBringing On Back The 80's
27th December Slade UK


3rd JanuaryThe Rollin Stoned
4th JanuaryCould It Be Magic
10th JanuaryWho's Who
17th JanuaryRod and the Facez
19th JanuaryOli Brown Band
25th JanuaryThe Bohemians
31st JanuaryNo gig
7th FebruaryHats Off To Led Zeppelin
14th FebruaryNot So Sweet
16th FebruaryGerry Jablonski and the Electric Bnad 
+ The Shufflepack
21st FebruaryThe City Funk Orchestra
28th FebruaryAbsolute Bowie
6th MarchFallen (Evanesence tribute)
15th MarchUltimate Coldplay
Covid 19 closure for the rest of 2020









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All information offered here is done so in good faith. Tropic at Ruislip is not responsible for the accuracy of any band or the exact line up or show/set that might happen on the night. Every effort will be made to describe shows accurately but sometimes bands, or their sets, change at short notice. 

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