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I wish to book a ticket and I have never booked before

I have made a booking I need to change/cancel

If you have booked before
use the "Secret Link" to get to the short booking form for regular customers
I cannot remember where the secret link is

Please do not use e-mail for bookings,
always use the correct little forms, save this page to your favourites!!

PLEASE always use the correct form - the forms generate copies of the e-mails for back ups in case of problems.

PLEASE do NOT send us regular emails to make or change bookings.









To reserve tickets for an up-coming gig
and ensure that you get admission at the discounted price* AND gain entry in the event of a sell out please complete the form below.


You can still, of course, turn up on the night and pay on the door.

If you have any problems using this form you can ring 020 8707 2256 and leave a message, but  before 6 pm on the day of the gig.

You MUST complete this form BEFORE 6p.m. (on the dot) of the day of the gig to get discounted entry.

Your "ticket" is not really a ticket
We just collate a list on the door under surnames and if your name is on it your party get in at the pre-book rate, where you pay cash on the door, this saves YOU money on booking fees etc. However, please regard any booking as firm and adjust/cancel etc. as if it was a ticket.

I have never booked before - what happens in practice? 


The Tropic at Ruislip office is currently OPEN.

Check the Tropic at Ruislip office status above.


Please note this is a members club but temporary membership is available through pre-booking and as part of ticket price.

Name including surname
(Reservation will he held under surname)

First and surname here please

 Click this button to ALTER an existing booking


This is a members club and your FULL address is required


E-mail address - care - must be valid as we acknowledge using exactly what you type here!!



If you have a Hotmail account click here

Telephone number

It helps if you include it in case of last minute cancellations
It will NEVER be used for marketing.


Are you at present getting our weekly e-mails?


(If you are not on it, you will be added to our e-mail list as a condition of pre-booking, you can always come off it is you ask)


Date you wish to pre-book for (if not sure don't worry!)



Name of band you are coming to see on above date - IMPORTANT!!



Please only book for ONE gig per form.

Number of tickets required



(Please note in the event of a sell out you may be approached for confirmation of the definite numbers that will attend)


Can you just tell us how you heard about this gig?


Please please please if you have heard about this gig from an advert on a web site - say below which web site

If you have answered "other" above
can you give us a clue!!??


Any comments you might wish to add - e.g. not arriving until 10 p.m. etc.

If you have a question before you put it in here see FAQ (opens new window, form details preserved)


To try to cut down on SPAM please type the word TropicatRuislip in the box opposite
(so add the last "P")


Please now hit submit below

A confirmation page may open as a new window - but we WILL get it and we do acknowledge all

Should you NOT see the confirmation page for any reason then we have NOT
got your booking and you should try again later or call 020 8707 2256

* For some gigs a discount may not apply