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Tropic At Ruislip - Live Music in Ruislip


Date Details Who doing PA
30th November Bravado Phil Jones
7th Dec Floyd Effect Own Pa
14th December Duran Phil Jones
21st Dec Gimme Abba Own Pa
28th Dec 2018 Could It Be Magic (TBC) Phil Jones
4th January 2019 Who's Who

The dates for Who's Who and The Bohemians have exchanged from those originally advertised

Phil Jones
11th January 2019 The Bohemians Phil Jones
18th January 2019 City Funk Orchestra Own Pa
19th January 2019 Counterfeit Quo Own Pa
25th January 2019 Kast off Kinks Phil Jones
Saturday 26th January The Rod Stewart Experience Own Pa
1st February Hats Off To Led Zeppelin Phil Jones
2nd February The New Amen Corner Own Pa
8th February UK Michael Jackson Phil Jones
15th February The Strange Doors Phil Jones
22nd Feb Rollin Stoned
Tropic's 10th Anniversary gig
Phil Jones
Saturday 23rd February Du Bellows + Second Sons Phil Jones
1st March Ultimate Coldplay Phil Jones
8th Mar Mentallica and Rammlied Phil Jones
15th Mar Unchained the best of Joe Cocker Live Own Pa
Saturday 16th Mar The Matt Edwards Band Own Pa
22nd Mar Roxy Magic Phil Jones
29th Mar The Joneses (A tribute to The Smiths) Phil Jones
5th Apr Fleetwood Bac Phil Jones
12th Apr Yes Please (Yes Tribute) Phil Jones
19th Apr The Mods Phil Jones
26th Apr Never 42 Own Pa
3rd May Slade UK Phil Jones
10th May Straighten Out Phil Jones
17th May Too Petty Phil Jones
24th May The Honeyslides Phil Jones
31st May Aynt Skynyrd Phil Jones
7th June Scopyions + Skyed Phil Jones
14th June The Bohemians Phil Jones
21st June Are you experienced Phil Jones
No Philip D
at this gig
28th June South Coast Soul Revue Phil Jones
5th July The Alter Eagles Own Pa
12th July Sinnerboy Phil Jones
19th July Higher On Maiden Phil Jones
26th July    
2nd August The Beached Boys Own Pa
Saturday 3rd August    
9th August    
16th August    
Saturday 17th August Tiny Tina Rock and Blues Band Own Pa
23rd August Bootleg Blondie Own Pa
30th August Stanley Dee Phil Jones
6th September A Foreigners Journey Phil Jones
13th September AC DC UK Phil Jones
20th September The Modfathers Phil Jones
27th September Rainbow in Rock Phil Jones
4th October Progfathers Phil Jones
(Hire only?)
11th October 2019 Manoeuvres - Tribute to OMD Own Pa
18th October 2019 TBA  
25th October Fleetwood Bac Phil Jones
1st November Soul of Santana


8th November    
9th November 2019 John Otway Phil Jones
15th November Logicaltramp Phil Jones
22nd November Gimme Abba Own Pa
29th November Guitar Legends Phil Jones
6th December 2019 Floyd Effect Own Pa
13th December STIPE (REM) Phil Jones
20th December 2019 Bringing On Back The 80s'
(This is actually The New Amen Corner in all but name)
Own Pa
27th December 2019 Cheekee Monkees (Small Fakers in a different hat) Phil Jones

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