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Rush down to Ruislip this Friday, and rush to your PC if you want to come to certain gigs in December!
Dear Live Music Fan


If you are thinking of visiting us in December then you really need to work your way through this message!


(This message was written on 28th November at 11 a.m. and some gigs may have sold out by the time you are reading it.)






BRAVADO (Play the music of RUSH)


Rush fans at a Bravado show can expect to hear a 2 to 3 hour selection from the following ever-expanding list of tracks, (shown here with their amusing anagrams where available), largely taken from the classic Terry Brown period, performed in a man-for-man, WYSIWYG kind of way, without the use of additional musicians or click-tracks and sequencers.


A review….


"Not normally being one for tribute bands this was an exception as it was Pod from Psi Phi and "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Geddy Lee", along with Paul on guitar and Dean on drums.


Having only see one Rush tribute band before the vocals were always the problem with Geddy Lee's high range, but Pod did a very good job indeed, he even looked like him.


The material covered was from the first Rush album through to Signals and it is quite complex stuff to play, having to sing and play bass while playing bass pedals with your feet all at the same time takes some mastering.


Most of the best known songs were included in the set list but with so many to choose from it can't have been easy knowing what to leave out.


The Trees and La Villa Strangiato from Hemispheres was played with a great drum solo included which the crowd appreciated.


For anybody who likes Rush and doesn't want to wait years in the hope of their return this must be the next best thing. "


Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock society magazine, May 2005. www.classicrocksociety.com 


BRAVADO will NOT be back in 2019 so do not miss your chance to catch this brilliant band, we will not be packed, I think the expression is "Just right".


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links where it is only £12 pre booked and that has to be a bargain. If you do not know the music of Rush then do come along and find out what you have been missing.








Bell and Moon Tour


The music of Pink Floyd as it was meant to be heard.


Pink Floyd’s recording career spanned almost three decades and, for its 10th Anniversary, The Floyd Effect has chosen two of the band’s most remarkable albums to create The Bell And The Moon tour 2018. Spotlighting the music of The Division Bell (1994) and a complete, unbroken performance of the iconic Dark Side Of The Moon (1973), concerts will also include tracks from Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall, delighting Pink Floyd fans everywhere.


The Floyd Effect is renowned for the remarkable accuracy with which it performs the music of Pink Floyd. All of the band’s members are top quality musicians with pedigrees that stretch across all manner of musical genres, and they faithfully recreate the music and intensity of a Pink Floyd concert without recourse to backing tracks, racks of computers, or other technological wizardry. Every note that you hear is played and sung by the band, making each concert a genuine ‘live’ experience; powerful, immersive and emotional. And, of course, the music is supported by a dramatic light show that incorporates the iconic circular screen, two sets of projections, smoke and lasers.


So pin back your ears and enjoy The Floyd Effect as the band takes you on a journey through the music of Pink Floyd. Unless you were there the first time around, it was never as real as this.


Tickets are £18 pre booked, please book NOW if you wish to attend as it is as good as sold out.

Please note you can only play in CASH on the door on entry and show time is from 9.30 p.m. until around 1 a.m., so we have a late licence. The bar will close when the music ends.

Book at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm and this gig is as good as sold out (at the time of writing), so do not tarry.






I am delighted to welcome back Are You Experienced?, who bring us the music of Jimi Hendrix, on 21st June next year. John Campbell (Jimi) was in hospital about a year ago for a heart operation and I am pleased to say he has made a full recovery.


TICKET SITUATION (correct at 11.00 am on 28th November)


FLOYD EFFECT 7th December


As good as sold out. Book NOW if you want to come and if it does not show as sold out….or if it does just book anyway and I will see what I can do.


DURAN 14th December


Plenty of tickets available


GIMME ABBA 21st December


Will probably be showing as sold out very soon if not already. Book NOW if you want to come and if it does not show as sold out….or if it does just book anyway and I will see what I can do.


COULD IT BE MAGIC 28th December


There are plenty of tickets available now but this date tends to fill up very quickly around Xmas, so if you know you want to come there you are advised to book early.




A cracking weekend not without some technical problems…..




When this band first appeared with us I was impressed with the band, but not the PA system they had brought with them, so I arranged to have Phil and our usual PA brought it…and that did not go according to plan!


What I had not reckoned on was that they would be doing their own mixing and just using the amps and speakers on the PA and as soon as we got going it was clear something was not right.


We just about got through the first set but Phil (sound, who has been doing this a while) pinpointed the issue as being with the microphone they had brought for the singer. So, the microphone was changed and taken out of the mix going to their I-Pad mixing desk and in to his and for the second set everything was much improved. I doff my cap to Phil….

As things stand there is no date for The ELO Experience to return but when they do I will insist that we do ALL the sound on the PA and do it properly and not "faff about" on a ruddy I-Pad!




A debut for this band and a great show with a select audience of around 80 people who seemed to enjoy this very much. They brought their own PA System and I can assure you my face was a picture, especially after Friday's problems, when three numbers in there was this horrible rattle, which six numbers in stopped. Yes, a blown bass unit in one of the cabinets. This was cured using that old agricultural method found to be 100% effective. It was turned off.


There is no date in the diary for this band to return but I am sure we will see them again on a Saturday in say 18 months.


I think that is all.


See you soon



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