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Tributes to Roxy Music and The Smiths in Ruislip soon
Dear Live Music Fan


We now enter a run of gig where it is just one a week, every Friday, until August.


This week I am delighted to welcome back a band which sell out theatres up and down the land but for some reason have never pulled quite the audience they really deserve at Tropic' but I will continue to book them to come in about every 18 months as they are such a fine fine band. So…






Roxy Magic – A night of Roxy Music & Bryan Ferry


Roxy Magic are the UK's best and longest-running tribute to Roxy Music & Bryan Ferry. The band recreates entirely live material that spans four decades, from futuristic/nostalgic art rock, through to classic standards and sophisticated adult-orientated rock. Their aim is to give the audience a fabulously entertaining evening. Very high quality musicianship and a wonderful Bryan Ferry look and sound-alike in the person if singer Kevin Hackett, combine to do just that!


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.


Looking further ahead






I have been asked several times to book a Smiths tribute and so, to keep all those that asked happy, this is set to happen on Friday 29th March. Of course whether or not they return will be very much determined by how many people come to see them (and of course how good their show is!)


“If I was a confused, tortured teenager hearing Panic for the first time, I would burn down a disco, I'd probably assassinate the Queen, and I would definitely form a group – called The Joneses."


Morrissey, in Rolling Stone, October 9th, 1986




The Joneses began life in 2016 with Aidan Sheridan ‘Morrissey’ deciding to form the band because of his life-long love for Smiths music and an uncanny resemblance to Morrissey himself. Aidan met Matthieu in Camden Town, and while none of the two partners had any prior band experience, both shared similar passion to do justice to the band they loved most.


Soon joined by fellow musicians Neil Batey on bass and Steve Nye on drums, the band considerably improved their profile in the last 19 months to play 20 gigs across 13 venues in London, Margate & Birmingham – to rapturous applause & reaction from fellow Smiths fans.


The Joneses have developed a very unique style based on The Smiths live gigs, as opposed to the studio recordings. This introduces a stripped down, dramatic show with nods towards punk and rockabilly genres. This delivers a very lively and engaging show, with performances by Aidan ‘Morrissey’ recreating some of the antics performed by the original front man, which include wearing tattoos, brandishing and throwing flowers, undressing, rolling around the stage (where space permits) and thrashing about in Morrissey’s distinctive style.


This promises to be an interesting night!! Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.






A number of people use this "App" (although it is not really an app, it is a special web portal (I love that word….not) for a mobile phone to make booking easier on a portable device).

To find out how to set it up on your device please go to http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/appfeeder/index.htm and follow the simple instructions on there.


Anyway, last week it vanished and I thought it was terminal, but then a few days later it came back! So if you once used it and thought it had now gone, well it is BACK!






I am delighted to welcome back The City Funk Orchestra who have been booked to return on 21st February 2020.




In booking tributes to bands like Yes and Lynyrd Skynyrd I think it is safe to say that I have occasionally booked bands that push back the boundaries of what can be considered "mainstream" and I have pushed those boundaries back again and am delighted to say that the Julie July Band will bring their take on the music of Sandy Denny (including her time with Fairport Convention and Fotheringay) to us on 20th March 2020.


You certainly will not get shows like those mentioned above anywhere around here I suspect and I do hope you will support me by attending these some what unusual shows.




UNCHAINED - WE REMEMBER JOE COCKER (new name for the same show!)


Well what can I say?


What CAN I say?


Sadly only 92 people put their faith in my recommendation and came to see this show, and that probably puts any return to the sword, but what a show those who came were treated to. Were you there? I hope you enjoyed it. One attendee sent this in to me.


"Up Where We Belong'...I have been fortunate to have attended many brilliant nights at the Tropic, over the last 10 years but this was up there with the very best of them!


Like the first time I saw the Honeyslides   and The Strange Doors, at The Tropic, I wondered how the band would recreate such unique vocals and great music but boy did they!


Paul Cox not only sounded like Joe Cocker but also had all the mannerisms and you could tell how much he was feeling the music. A consummate pro, as are his excellent band.    

I thought the first set was excellent but the second was outstanding. It just got better and better, as was 'The Letter'!


The finale 'With a Little Help From My Friends' and encores were sensational!


The only blot was, as Philip said, where were all the Tropic faithful, as you missed a night to remember.


I feel privileged to see such a great show (it really is a top show), in my 'backyard' for such great value.

I really do hope they come back and for those who missed it, like the final encore I do hope many more people feel 'It's High Time We Went".


Could not put it better myself, it was a classic. Paul (Cox) told me that the show will probably be "retired" this year, so I suspect a return will not be possible. If I do manage it PLEASE JUST COME, you will not, I promise, regret it.


I think that is all, see you soon






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