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Arrangements for Logicaltramp, a Sunday Blues Special, Abba sold out (+ more) and a Funk and Disco show at Tropic' Saturday 23rd Nov.
Dear Live Music Fan,


I have a lot to get through in this e-mail so it will be in a slightly different format to usual, just to excite you. Pull up a chair…..










As I have indicated is earlier messages this will be a part seated gig but it is now booking well and whilst we will not be seeing a full house it does mean, because of the seats, the room will feel a bit "full". I do not want to put up "House Full" but I might, so if you have not booked please do so as soon as possible.


IF YOU ARE COMING AND DO NOT GET A SEAT ON THE MAIN FLOOR PLEASE DO NOT MOVE CHAIRS ON TO IT as not only will this reduce the space for standees but also create a void to the side which is not really suitable for standing in. There will be standing (and seating) spaces towards the sides of the room. I will be putting out what are in fact "extra" chairs.

PLEASE BE EARLY TO GET A SEAT otherwise it will be standing towards the rear and side of the room.


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.




THE CINELLI BROTHERS from 8.15 p.m. sharp.


Riding high on the acclaim wave, The Cinelli Brothers play the blues with passion and soul and are probably the hottest rising blues band playing in the UK. They are influenced by the real blues of Texas and Chicago and the British Blues Boom. These younger guys are making traditional blues fashionable with younger audiences which is retro but of today. Superb musicianship and performances are wowing audiences everywhere from here to Brazil.  No wonder people are saying;


"The best blues band I've seen in ages !!!"

“Best Guitarist: Marco Cinelli.” — Music Republic Magazine


“The Cinelli Brothers: Destined For Blues Stardom...One of the very best blues outfits you’ll hear in decades."  — Music Republic Magazine


“The Cinelli Brothers, I really love them. ” — David "Kid" Jensen - Blues Matters

Don't worry if you haven't heard of The Cinelli Brothers before, you soon will. Blues At The Tropic will always present some of the best artists and bands around to make sure you have a great night.


RAFFLE SPECIAL! All attending the Cinelli Brothers gig will get free raffle tickets for the "Blues At The Tropic Christmas Raffle" with prizes of a guitar signed by John Verity plus signed items by Walter Trout and Larry Miller and other prizes of CDs and DVDs.


Raffle tickets will be on sale at The John Verity Band gig on 15th December when the draw will be made and you have to be at this (John Verity) gig for a chance to win.


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links, where it is only £10 pre-booked, or £12 on the door on the night.


To repeat - Music is from 8.15 p.m. sharp








This gig remains SOLD OUT and if I am honest I do not think there will be any tickets on the door.


IF YOU HAVE BOOKED AND DO NOT TURN UP you WILL stop somebody else attending as I have had loads of people asking about tickets. Please cancel or change your booking as soon as possible if you have reserved and cannot now come so I can at least offer out any returns…..






This band agreed to step in at short notice to fill a cancelled gig. If you cannot get a ticket for ABBA well here is your dancing night out!!


As it says on the web site:-


The ultimate party band  if you wanna get down and get funky!


Since 2016 they've been playing as an intrepid band of funk warriors bringing all those classic grooves to life, adding a decent shot of 'old school' funk and soul to your evening, laced with a considerable amount of dancing!


With over 30 year of playing under their ever-growing belts, their prime reason for rekindling a live funk/soul band is to relive those early memories of discos, holiday camps, northern soul clubs & festivals from the days before click tracks took the fun out of playing this genre of music.


Come and jump on the 'Soul Train' and get down to an evening of Soul, Funk and Disco.


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links where it is only £10 pre-booked or £12 on the door.






As well as the Abba show mentioned above the following two shows are now deemed as "Sold Out"






An early booking is advised for The Rollin Stoned on 3rd January, Rod and the Facez on 17th January and The Bohemians on 24th January and whilst they are a while off there are also three gigs in February likely to book well, and be reserved out well in advance.






I am delighted to welcome back Dizzy Lizzy who have been booked to return on 25th September 2020.






A simply brilliant show and all those there loved it, but sadly we were not that busy which was a crying shame, and equally sadly "Phil" on drums has now moved to Switzerland and only flew over to do this show and she is not their regular drummer these days, so I doubt she will grace the stage again….a crying shame.


One thing that amused me was the problem they were having with the glitter ball on the lights. If you were there you may have noticed the light on it was going on and off. It was not meant to, but somehow it did it in time with the music!


I am hopeful they will return one day, they are starting to get a great following in theatres up and down the UK.


We had a special guest on the night in the shape of Richard Macphail who was there selling copies of his book "My book of Genesis". Richard was, for five years, Genesis's tour manager around the start of their rise to fame. The book is available from Amazon (paperback or Kindle).




Well it was the usual Otway mayhem, even down to John arriving at 8.15 p.m. with "doors" at 8.30 p.m. It is such a classic show and even had some new material in it which, as John himself said, previously had not been included due to "Lack of Demand". The story of him playing in America and his tale about The American Civil War and The Battle of The Alamo was priceless!


Sadly though we were not busy, not busy at all. A living legend appearing on your doorstep and folk not troubling to come out. Such a shame.


AND….more books!! Well one for me at least! Graham Sharpe has been coming to Tropic' for many years and is an avid fan of vinyl records and has written a book about his passion called (brilliant this) Vinyl Countdown. It is about his trawl around the record shops of England and various points around the globe and the characters that run them.


He very generously let me have a copy and threw in that "Tropic'" is mentioned in it - so now I have to read it! I am looking forward to that although it could be some time off as I have just started All Gates Open: The Story of Can which runs to some 600 pages and I read about two pages a night!


Vinyl Countdown is available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle.


I think that is all, do try and support the Sunday Blues shows if you can, Derek who runs them has booked some real talent.


See you soon





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