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Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd tributes, Big Gilson, a DALEK and lots of news…

Dear Live Music Fan,


Quite a lot to get through this week, so please pin back your eyelids.




THE HONEYSLIDES - It's a Neil Young Thing.


As it is a Bank Holiday Weekend we are not looking too busy and I would suggest this will be PART SEATED show, so room to rest your pins after a weary week at work. Please note there will be room to stand towards the rear.

If previous shows are anything to go by we will start slowly and then "Rock The House" and I envisage a 9.30 start and one set straight through until midnight.




As it says on the web site:-


With a pool of material spanning nearly 45 years and countless musical styles to choose from, the Honeyslides cover everything from his most intimate acoustic moments such as Old Man, Needle and the Damage Done and Heart of Gold, to the more upbeat and country tracks such as Come's a Time and Are You ready For the Country climaxing to his face-melting, mind bending guitar wig outs of Down By The River, Southern Man and Rockin In The Free World!!


Fronting the Honeyslides on guitar and vocals is Tom Billington who says:-


'Neil is my Elvis... he ticks every box for me. Sometimes, when you've been listening to a lot of Neil Young, everything else sounds small and shallow. He does what he wants, when he wants to and is true to the music and the inspiration at all times... The Honeyslides is just me and a bunch of like minded Neil fans who happen to be able to pull it off! These songs have been under my skin since I was a kid'



The music of Neil Young gets deep below the skin of this great band who are able to channel everything from his most bittersweet acoustic ballads to his most ferocious electric anthems and everything between. Like a Hurricane, Rockin' In The Free World, Old Man, Cowgirl In The Sand and many more!


"Fantastic - loved every minute."


"A tremendous night , thanks Tom and the Honeyslides. An absolute MUST for all Neil Young fans"


"You guys ROCKED! One of the best "unexpectedly brilliant" gigs I have ever attended"


"It was quite something. As above, great Crazy Horse sound. & some Neil Young tunes I've not listened to in years amongst plenty of the more obvious ones."


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.






We continue our theme (loosely) of Southern Rock with this brilliant tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd who have not been in to us for OVER FIVE YEARS. I think there have been a few changes of members in that period and I actually thought they had ceased to exist but they are BACK, don't miss them.

It is really a "Country Rock" show with the exception of one number…and I think they might save that until last!!


As it says on the web site:-


The Story so far...


Aynt Skynyrd have a philosophy on recreating the songs of the greatest rock 'n' roll band the world has seen, and it's a simple ethos......


Don't play it.... Feel it!


This has been born out of years of seeing many local bands play other bands songs quite adequately and in some instances very skilfully, but with no soul or feeling.


This would be criminal if it was to be applied to the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The very fact that you are reading this means that you care about music, that it is not just a 'commodity' that is made to be sold by a cynical music industry.


Lynyrd Skynyrd were never about making hit records, although they seemed to be very good at it. This is because they played honest southern rock which you average Joe could relate to. There was no pretence in the message or the music.


One could argue that the notion of a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd undermines this idea of authenticity. Another side of the debate may point out that a tribute is the showing of the ultimate respect. Aynt Skynyrd prefers the latter, as forming the band was not an overnight decision, playing the songs was something we had been doing for years.


"The Freebird solo was the first lick I ever learnt to play on guitar. To play it in a band at every gig for over ten years and still get a shiver down my spine is down to pure love of a band that defined a generation." Nick West


After a couple of years Aynt Skynyrd started to rise up like a mighty Eagle sizing up a distant squirrel. We quickly realised that due to the physical size of the band, the proximity of most of our shows (draw a circle around the UK and you have our catchment area), the complexity of moving an outfit like this several hundred miles to play to 7 diehard fans, coupled with Tivvy's mental arithmetic 'issues' meant that we were never destined to give up the day job, but we had ever so slightly dipped a toe into the big time, and experienced what it is like on 'THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE'.


This had always been a place we could only glimpse at, watching excitedly from the audience for any movement behind the stage, in case a roadie came to turn an amp up or tune a guitar. The first time we 'crossed over' was at the 'Bulldog Bash' near Stratford Upon Avon. Although any reference to the great William S may well have been dimly received amongst the company of our esteemed hosts - the HELLS ANGELS!!


Aynt Skynyrd have done three Bulldog Bashes' now, but the first one was the time we met 'The Parfitt'. Yes the Quo legend was sunning his spray on outside of his luxury 'mood room' (posh portakabin). Happy to shake hands, pose for pics and chat was the man who's riffs were the first ones I ever played on a guitar. That was the turning point for the band. We knew we could run with the big boys, we just had to pretend we understood the terminology - 'more gate on the snare', 'lower the overheads', 'DI the keys', are all terms we have had to learn. Dear reader, this cannot be be underestimated, as prior to these times of enlightenment, the technical knowledge and communication skills of the band were, shall we say' rudimentary.


Typical conversations would run as: 'that there, plug it in there. Eh? Where? What? Who's round is it?' at best. Usually we could get through a whole evening with just sign language and phlegm.


So to the present day. We are a fully disfunctioning awesome rock'n'roll band. We still play like we stole it (thanks mad Andy) still bicker like school boys (and girls) and are still chasing that dream. But we NEVER clock on or off.


This is not a career. Its a lifestyle.


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.








BIG GILSON           


I have been approached by Derek White (Storm Warning and the much missed on the circuit Larry Miller's bass player) about putting on a show with Big Gilson from Brazil. As luck would have it the club was free on Saturday 29th June and so this somewhat (I gather) Brazilian Blues legend is lined up to grace us with a full backing band.


Timings with be "as normal" so 8.30 doors and the band will be on stage from 9.30.


As it says on the web site:-


"Brazilian blues rock guitarist Big Gilson’s is an electrifying guitar player and plays slide to die for"


Big Gilson & Blues Dynamite – Brazilian blues rock guitarist Big Gilson’s is an electrifying guitar player and plays slide to die for. He was was one of the forerunners of the blues in Brazil and has since played all over the world and has shared stages with some of the biggest blues and rock artists. Big Gilson is a recording artist for Top Cat Records in Dallas Texas and Mississippi Delta Blues Records in Brazil.

“...When I see such a young man so far from America, playing the blues so well, I feel happy and proud that my mission in this life is done” B.B. King. .


He honed his chops gigging for many years in Brazil, Argentina, Europe and USA. He opened for Steve Winwood on his Brazilian tour, Johnny Winter and Johnny Rivers (70.000 people), and twice to the master B.B. King. While touring America, and gigging at such clubs as Florida’s Bamboo Room, New York’s Blue Note, and all over Chi-town, Big Gilson knocked out such blues gods as Corey Harries, Duke Robillard, Lonnie Brooks, Magic Slim, Saffire, Walter “Wolfman” Washington and Buddy Guy, who extended the boy from Brazil an open invitation to play his Legends Club anytime.


“...His slide playing is disturbingly virtuosic...” – Tim Schuller – MET MUSIC – Texas


...”This CD confirms Big Gilson as the best Brazilian blues guitarist” Jornal do Brasil


“...Excellent guitar solos full of feelings and powerful slide playing. He’s vibrato is super cool...” Guitar Player Magazine – Brazil


So if you like something a bit different book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm or your usual web links.




I delighted to tell you my favourite band (well really they all are!) The Mods will return to us on 1st May 2020.




I am delighted to have booked this Bruce Springsteen tribute to debut at Tropic on 8th May 2020.






If you are thinking of coming to this gig BOOK NOW as it is on the cusp of selling out.




It has come to my attention that I stupidly put the wrong date for this show on the flyer being handed our at each gig. The correct date was on the web site etc. Just to clarify this show is on FRIDAY 6th DECEMBER (and not 7th as I had on the flyer).




Gong are playing a rare gig in Seaton, Devon on Sunday 26th May. If you are going look out for me! I wonder if there will be teapots?


SUNDAY BLUES GIGS ARE COMING BACK starting in October 2019.


In association with Derek White (see above) I am delighted to say that we are to see a Monthly Blues Gig starting from Sunday 20th October 2019 and then on the third Sunday of each month more or less going forward.

Initially six dates have been earmarked and should it be deemed a success then more should follow.


Details of who will appear, timings etc. will follow. The dates earmarked are now on the web site so you can note them in your diary. These shows are LIKELY to start with 7.30 pm doors and music from 8.30 to say 10.30.




Too Petty were excellent, of course they were given who is in the band, and we almost had enough in to warrant asking them to return. So will they? Honestly I am not sure.


If you came then thanks for supporting live music and I hope, like me, you thought it was a terrific show.


I think that is all, do try and come down for The Honeyslides this Friday, you will not regret it, that is a given.


See you soon



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