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Johnny Cash tribute and a return to Heavy Metal coming up.

Dear Live Music Fan,


CASH (Johnny Cash tribute) and Mick O'Regan (Band)


So, this Friday a rare foray in to what could be called "Country Music" and Cash who were terrific last time and I am sure they will be again on Friday.

We are up against it this week with Comic Relief on BBC (record it) and football with the England game on ITV as so we are, as I type, not looking that busy but whilst I am sure that will pick up I do not envisage it being packed, so room to strut your stuff or park your backside.

Mick O'Regan will get things underway at 9.00 pm with a number of songs off his CD which will be on sale on the night so bring some extra sausage to get your hands on one, and I envisage CASH taking to the stage at about 10.00pm, or just after the football that you have been watching in the bar (if you must, it is only a friendly) finishes.

As it says on the web site about CASH:-

Growing up on a farm in Yorkshire, music has always been central to Ben’s life. With a Grandfather who was a big band drummer, and a Father with a vast musical collection enthusiastically shared with whoever would listen, music was everywhere. However, it was the music of a certain JR Cash that managed that rare feat of stopping a young and energetic Ben in his tracks. It gave him that first “light bulb” moment, as he recalls,

“I had heard music before, of course. But this voice. His voice. I mean it literally brought me to a standstill. The words too. They just struck a chord with me somewhere and I really felt I understood what he was saying. I got this man, even as a child I could feel it”.

As a youngster, this was the first time Ben had felt that deep connection with music and lyrics. Although Ben didn’t know it at the time, Johnny Cash would also come to be a very important figure in his life as an adult.

Investigating the man further, Ben realised it wasn’t just Cash’s musicality that they had in common. The way Cash stood up prolifically for the working class, and wasn’t some clean cut musical ideal, only served to heighten Ben’s appreciation of the man.
“JR has always been rough around the edges and I don’t know why but I always felt I was born with an outlaw’s approach to life. Not that I was out there robbing trains or anything, but it was more of a mentality; just something inside of me really”.

Aided by many late nights and a plentiful supply of hard liquor, Ben would often sing Johnny Cash songs to his mates, strumming along on acoustic guitar. Being a drummer first, it took a bit of coaxing from family and friends before Ben decided to take the Cash alter-ego seriously.

“I have always felt a bit weird about pretending to be anyone else other than myself, so the concept of being Johnny Cash didn’t really appeal”, says Ben. “People were continuously telling me I had to do something with all this Cash stuff, so I decided I would start taking it more seriously, but the word tribute was key. I would pay my respects to the man by getting his stuff out there again; reaching out to established and new fans, but in no way would I try to be him. That is just not doable in my eyes, so I don’t want people thinking I think I am him. Cos I don’t!”

For further reading about Cash there is an excellent web site at https://www.cashbandlondon.co.uk/  and equally for Mick O'Regan again a very good site at https://www.mickoregan.com/home  where you can also hear a number of his songs.

Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm 




(On stage from around 10.15 pm)

Got the need for more Metallica than you can get? Well here's your fix.... MENTALLICA. This band has TOTAL respect for Metallica and have set out to recreate the raw, intense experience of seeing Metallica live.

Mentallica have earned a reputation as Europe's top Metallica tribute. Recently receiving a glowing gig review from a Metclub Chapter Head. Playing across Europe and at some of the UK's top Biker shows such as Wozwolf and The Rock & Blues Custom Show and at major venues and Universities.
Mentallica was formed in 1997 has been through several line-up changes over the years but one constant is frontman Chris Jones. Chris has the voice of Hetfield in his prime there isn't a better Hetfield in the UK.

The current lineup also features The Ripper on lead guitar who can play Kirks solos note for note with amazing accuracy, on bass there is Paul Gaskin who has always been a massive Cliff Burton fan his rendition of Anaethesia, Cliffs solo, is faultless and his awesome backing vocals allow Mentallica to reproduce those classic harmonies missing from Metallica since Jason Newsted left, and last but certainly no means least MIke Rees on the drums, a crazy Tipton lad who was big on the tech scene and batters all of Lars's beats better than Lars himself.

RAMMLIED (A tribute to German rockers Rammstein)

(On stage at 9p.m. SHARP)


RAMMLIED were formed in the South West in 2009. Martin (Vox), Doug (Guitar), Kamil (Guitar), Das Oktopus (Drums), Lee (Bass) and Steve (Keys/Synths) are dedicated to providing the most authentic Rammstein tribute experience possible.

RAMMLIED strive for total accuracy in terms of Rammstein’s sound and have adopted the band’s Industrial stage look as seen on the live Volkerball DVD and the "Made in Germany" tour.


Please note those of a nervous disposition should be aware that a cornucopia of strong language may well filter gently from the stage amid a aroma of coffee tinged with willow. I have checked however and the word "cornucopia" will not be one of the these words.

Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm  or via the usual web links.



I am delighted to say that the only vacant date in 2018 still to fill has now gone and SNOG, (a tribute to Kiss) will return on SATURDAY 11th August and this time it will be FULL SET OF KISS numbers. A draft set list may be seen at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/bands/snog/index.htm


Just to say that StillMarillion will NOT be returning to Tropic in 2018 and a date in 2019 is now under consideration. Apparently they have "availability issues". Fear not, I am as disappointed as you are!


Sadly this tribute to Alanis Morissette will not now take place next February as advertised as the singer has a "subsequent appointment"!


For legal reasons the band have had to change their name/advertising to be a "Franki Valli Tribute Band" as the "Jersey" part of it is under copyright and somebody is baying for blood!


Likes now up to 987.

Here is a comment posted on the Facebook page.

"Came to see Fleetwood Bac last night who were brilliant and I loved hearing the music they played. At least I enjoyed the louder numbers but the quieter ones were destroyed by people shouting/yelling/talking above the music.

Unfortunately these days I've come to expect people going to gigs for a chat but last night was the worst I've ever known and I was on the verge of walking out as my enjoyment (as well as the friends I was with) was being ruined.

Why on earth would you spend good money to ignore the band on stage and chat to your mates? It ruins it for people who have also paid good money to actually listen to the band. In my own personal opinion it's also disrespectful to the band on stage.

I'll continue coming to the Tropic as it's keeping live music alive and I like to support those bands who have gone to the trouble to learn the music we all love; all of them very talented musicians.

Okay; got that off my chest - normal service will now be resumed!"

I will make no further comment.



See above

Fleetwood Bac will return on 26th October 2017.

I think that is all.

See you soon, do try to catch CASH, they are really good and it will be some time before they return again I am sure.


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