Usual set list:
(with a few others thrown in from time to time)

Act I
Shine On
Welcome to the Machine
High Hopes
Dogs of War
In the Flesh
Another Brick
Act 1 (a)
Careful with that Axe Eugene
One of These Days

Act II
Dark side - Complete
Louder Than Words
Wish You Were Here
 Comfortably Numb
Run Like Hell


The above picture was taken at Tropic at one of their shows.

Please check main web site for running time but usually this is a very late finish at about 1 am.

  The Floyd Effect don't just play the music of Pink Floyd - they recreate it.

At Tower Arts Centre in Winchester, which is a small location, they got the sound balance exactly right - no mean feat - and then quietly introduced each number with a minimum of fuss - because their music was about to speak for itself. They generated an intimate atmosphere where they treated the audience as experts and faithfully recreated Pink Floyd for them.

The performance of Dark Side of the Moon was breathtakingly accurate even down to the sound loops to introduce Money and Time. As used to happen with the record, I was able to close my eyes and just let the music wash over me. At no time was I thinking to myself 'not quite right' because everything was exactly right.

Finishing with Comfortably Numb, a relieved sigh went up from the audience - the evening would not have been complete without it.


I took my 18 year old son with me: he had not listened to Pink Floyd before. Mightily impressed, he borrowed my copy of Dark Side to play in his room. "Preferred the live performance" he said. "The music was exactly the same but watching it live was better."

Good, or what?

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