Got the need for more Metallica than you can get? Well here's your fix.... MENTALLICA. This band has TOTAL respect for Metallica and have set out to recreate the raw, intense experience of seeing Metallica live.

Mentallica have earned a reputation as Europe's top Metallica tribute. Recently receiving a glowing gig review from a Metclub Chapter Head. Playing across Europe and at some of the UK's top Biker shows such as Wozwolf and The Rock & Blues Custom Show and at major venues and Universities.

Mentallica was formed in 1997 has been through several line-up changes over the years but one constant is frontman Chris Jones. Chris has the voice of Hetfield in his prime there isn't a better Hetfield in the UK.

The current lineup also features The Ripper on lead guitar who can play Kirks solos note for note with amazing accuracy, on bass there is Paul Gaskin who has always been a massive Cliff Burton fan his rendition of Anaethesia, Cliffs solo, is faultless and his awesome backing vocals allow Mentallica to reproduce those classic harmonies missing from Metallica since Jason Newsted left, and last but certainly no means least MIke Rees on the drums, a crazy Tipton lad who was big on the tech scene and batters all of Lars's beats better than Lars himself.

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